Everyone hits hard times in life their journey.  The challenges can surmount and quickly become overwhelming. 

Crossroads of Crawford County seeks to be a safe starting place for families and individuals to come with their situations.  We work with families in a variety of ways.  Whether we assist by finding individualized and trustworthy information and resources, offer assistance and support though professional referral when necessary, or direct involvement through mentoring and creative helping, our goal is to walk alongside them on their path. 

We will encourage & reinforce all we can to help a family achieve

life by God’s design.


Depending on the situation, possible supportive interventions may be utilized:

  1. Listening—simply taking full account of the situation with you and searching together for options or affirming the emotions involved.
  2. Mentoring and supportive helpers—a hands-on assistance by modeling, being present during typically trying times, live coaching, providing healthy role models, and seeking relationship
  3. Resources—presenting materials and services that directly relate to target areas can be empowering and heartening for families
  4. Education—group or individual learning to optimize day to day functioning in healthy parenting, relationship coaching, emotional understanding, or information specific to the need.
  5. Referral for professional counseling—therapists are trained to effectively help through tough areas for families such as communication issues, marital discord, painful pasts, grief, mental or emotional health issues, and unique situations. We will assist in trying to find the right mental health professional for your needs and preferences.
  6. Referral for local resources such as medical providers, educational avenues, parenting instruction/education, specialized programs and providers
  7. Any combination of the above

 With Christian help and support, the clouds of despair, the weight of problems,

and the pain and brokenness give way behind rays of HOPE and PURPOSE.

 We're all about FAMILY- God's Way!