Crossroads was designed to be a denomination-neutral, Christian service for the communities in Crawford County and the surrounding areas.    


We developed around a need that both professionals and lay people within the community expressed: often times people do not know where to turn for help, or that they need help. Sometimes it is not necessarily professional help they need, but instead simply finding hope and encouragement on their journey.


Our intentions were to gradually expand services around in the most need and could best help. Ultimately, we moved from family resourcing to providing two programs:
1) Pregnancy & Parenting Resource and
2) CoCares non medical assisting for elderly and caregivers.  




Following a matching grant opportunity through Heartbeat International in 2020, we met fundraising goals of raising $30,000 to be matched by $30,000 through Heartbeat International to become an accredited pregnancy resource center.

We strive to assist by:

• Taking time to listen

• Seeking informational resources with the family as needed

• Pointing them in a good direction if further services are needed

• Offering Christian support 

2020 was a year of uncertainty and change and during the Covid pandemic. God took care of us very well, and we had noticed the increasing needs of our elderly friends due to the isolation and loneliness they were experiencing. 

A second program emerged as a result, one that enables us to spend quality time with seniors in addition to directly helping them with daily living tasks. CoCares is designed to be a way to meet unique needs in our community that are not easily met through other programs. It is available to the elderly and to caregivers of special needs children or adults.

At Crossroads, we started some projects to help us keep serving families. The combination of all of them helps us offset our costs, and enhances getting the word out about our outreach!

Fun, well-utilized ways of ongoing fundraising!