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Our work is enabled by the gifts and time from those who are passionate about BEING



Memberships make an impact because they show your support for our mission.

A lifetime fee of $25 per household or person lets us display YOU as our heart support! 




Financial gifts are applied to directly helping those who come to us. 

We encourage you to let us know if you would like gifts applied to either specific service area of work.







Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine

1. Our clients in both programs need your prayers. 

Pregnant-too-soon means strength and courage will be needed the whole journey through their decision. Please pray that they will not only CHOOSE LIFE, but LIVE life as God intended.   

The CoCares clients need your prayers for strengthening and hope. Besides their physical struggles and practical needs, they want to find joy in their journey, enjoy meaningful friendships, and have assurance of the promises of God as they age.

2. Please pray on whether YOU may be called, or you can invite someone to join our journey to being a resource for local families and communities—through volunteering, donating, joining as staff, become a board member, or be a prayer warrior!

3. We rely on community to accomplish our ministry. Please pray for our ongoing fundraising in the Itty Bitty Campaign specifically focused on building adequate and trained, effective staffing!

4. We need prayer warriors to continually ask for the right players to pour into Crossroads’ work. You cannot pay for passion, and we cannot pay a good leader or helper what they may be worth. But we do want to offer sufficient compensation for workers with passion as well as skills!

We need a variety of skills—leadership, clerical, direct helping in CoCares and Pregnancy/Parenting resource, and volunteer. Please share that we are looking to fill several positions, and that if we know what a person’s passions and skills are, plus their time preferences, it is easier for us to build a position that may fit for them to consider than to look for a specific person for each role.

5. Please pray as we consider new building space. We would like to one day soon have ultrasound. We also do not run groups because of our space. Hands on mentoring through day to day tasks and skills could happen more easily if we had a facility that was welcoming yet private for 1:1 coaching. A new building that we own could serve many benefits. However, it also would require a team of trustees and volunteer helping manage the additional tasks we commit to and the extra expenses of ownership. 




Community Events are a huge influence for both Crossroads and for public awareness of our work. From fundraising breakfasts or coffee breaks to booths at town celebration booths, and church-centered events, the efforts are truly appreciated.

If you are a Thrivent financial member please know they are extremely helpful in granting seed monies for project expenses.  Give us a call if you would like to take a lead role in any Thrivent effort to support Crossroads!



Other ideas for joining us on the Crossroads outreach journey can be found here

How Can We Help & Joining the Heart of the Mission 

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