Pregnancy & Parenting Resource Center


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Tough pregnancy circumstances can affect the rest of life’s journey

OPINIONS from others can cripple.

The DECISIONS ahead can be incredibly heavy burdens. 

EMOTIONS can take over.




We are here for you

- Immediate & ongoing assistance, at all stages of pregnancy and postpartum

 • when decisions you make about your pregnancy affect the rest of your life, and the lives of those who mean the most to you

• when the pregnancy time brings more questions and confusion than excitement


We are here to join with you... you celebrate the happy and joyful emotions…


...while you sort difficult emotions in order to make healthy, informed decisions related to the pregnancy 


We are here to support & encourage you 

through planning your best choices

before, during, and any time after

you make them.  



We are here to connect with you in person at Crossroads

Or you can go to to talk with someone any time of day or night through live phone chat

Or you can text or call  1-800-712-HELP 


 Click here for 24-7 Help Support & Info



"Before you were born I carried you under my heart. From the moment you arrived in this world until the moment I leave it, I will always carry you in my heart."
– Mandy Harrison


Family & relationship partners are welcomed and encouraged to join by appointment.




All counseling, education, & referral assistance for the pregnancy resource is provided by Crossroads of Crawford County at no charge.

Charitable donation for provision of this important service in Crawford County is encouraged and accepted in order to provide effective, unlimited support.

Crossroads of Crawford County is a 501c3 charitable organization.